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Largest selection of 1M+ ebooks 750+ publishers, 1,500 imprints Flexible models with guaranteed access


What if you could offer an ebook experience that’s intuitive for you and your patrons? What if you could manage all aspects of your collection — discovery, selection, acquisition, administration, and reporting — all on one platform? And what if that platform provided access to more than a million ebooks, with 100,000 new titles added each year? It’s all possible with Ebook Central from ProQuest.

Helping libraries around the world. Free Unlimited Access for Your Existing Ebook Central Holdings.

ProQuest Ebook Central customers impacted by COVID-19 will get unlimited access to Ebook Central holdings for all patrons from this growing list of high-demand publishers through June 30.

This means that all licenses – including single-user and three-user models – will automatically receive an unlimited access copy during this period.

This unlimited access service also applies to additional titles purchased through June 30. (To ensure your patrons don’t lose access after June 30, we recommend that you purchase titles at the access level you intend to own in the future.)

Thank you to our publishers!

As of May 11, 2020, some 1,950 publisher imprints and a fast-growing list of more than 940,700 titles are available as Unlimited Access on Ebook Central for customers who hold these titles.

Unlimited Access turns on automatically, at no charge, and the transition will be seamless for Ebook Central users. Publisher and title counts grow daily, helping you bridge the gap for your patrons immediately.

Participating Publishers


E Now: P to E Discount Program

Working in collaboration with partners around the world, we’re creating programs to help libraries provide access to much needed digital resources. ProQuest’s P to E program can help libraries provide access to print holdings electronically. As of May 11, 2020, more than 592,630 titles are available for a 50% discount on Ebook Central list price when you own the print.

Click here to access Ebook Central publishers participating in p to e discount program.

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