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A simple Vue 2.0 Webpack & vue-loader setup for quick prototyping. Note this template is not suitable for production - for that you may want to use the full webpack template.

This template is Vue 2.0 compatible. For Vue 1.x use this command: vue init webpack-simple#1.0 my-project


This is a project template for vue-cli.

$ npm install -g vue-cli
$ vue init webpack-simple my-project
$ cd my-project
$ npm install
$ npm run dev

What's Included

  • npm run dev: Webpack + vue-loader with proper config for source maps & hot-reload.

  • npm run build: build with HTML/CSS/JS minification.

For detailed explanation on how things work, consult the docs for vue-loader. Also check out the breaking changes in vue-loader@9.0.0.

Fork It And Make Your Own

You can fork this repo to create your own boilerplate, and use it with vue-cli:

vue init username/repo my-project
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