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support cgroup2 #40174


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AkihiroSuda commented on Nov 5, 2019

- What I did
support cgroup2 (unified mode)

Fix #16238

- How I did it

- How to verify it

  • Install Ubuntu 19.10 (kernel 5.3). Fedora 31 and other recent distros with kernel >= 5.2 should work as well.
  • Add systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=1 to kernel cmdline and reboot. This step is not needed for Fedora 31.
  • Install containerd from master
  • Install crun v0.10.4 https://github.com/containers/crun/tree/0.10.4 , or runc with opencontainers/runc#2169
  • docker run -it --rm --runtime=crun --security-opt seccomp=unconfined alpine


  • Metrics are unimplemented yet
  • crun requires --security-opt seccomp=unconfined unless using master version of libseccomp ( containers/crun#156, seccomp/libseccomp#177 )
  • Doesn't work with runc yet (opencontainers/runc#2169)
  • Rootless mode still doesn't support resource limitation even with --exec-opt native.cgroupdriver=systemd.

- Description for the changelog

support cgroup2

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Summary | 4 Annotations
support cgroup2 (unified mode)
2020/06/21 11:25
shim v2 when running with cgroup2
2020/06/21 11:25
kernel 5.3
2020/06/21 11:25
2020/06/21 11:25