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Summary | 8 Annotations
. Social Bite is a charitable cafe chain in Scotland that invests 100% of their profits and have now started building shelters for the homeless.
2017/01/13 15:08
I graduated from a top university with honours, and was successful in my field,
2017/01/13 15:09
I was diagnosed with a whole raft of disorders – PTSD
2017/01/13 15:09
nothing worked. Eventually, and in suicidal desperation, I found something that did – injecting heroin.
2017/01/13 15:09
Eventually, I ended up on the streets. Most addicts will have similar stories – they are victims of rape, child abuse, and all manner of horrors. Many lack even the barest chance to get help, or any kind of family
2017/01/13 15:10
Last month one woman asked for a bag of crisps and a bottle of cherry coke and burst into tears when she got it. These are human beings at their lowest ebb, a little humanity can mean the world to them
2017/01/13 15:11
but it also led to opportunities, like coming across a Hare Krishna mobile food kitchen that was being all but ignored. This was literally manna from heaven and it made them very happy to reach somebody in need
2017/01/13 15:12
People are so close to destitution in the UK that when it stares them in the face they can easily react badly. Eight million people in the UK are one payday away from being homeless.
2017/01/13 15:15