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Summary | 7 Annotations
The Mexican peso fell to a new low against the dollar after Fiat Chrysler warned it might have to shut factories
2017/01/13 14:22
share prices of drug companies plunged following Donald Trump’s comment that they “are getting away with murder” in what they charge the government for medicine.
2017/01/13 14:22
Volkswagen pleaded guilty to criminal charges in America related to its cheating in emissions tests on diesel cars and a subsequent cover-up,
2017/01/13 14:24
the vice-chairman of Samsung Electronics and heir apparent for the top job, was questioned
2017/01/13 14:24
Investigators are looking at ties between Korea’s chaebol and politicians, and at claims that the president ordered the state’s pension fund to vote for the merger of two Samsung businesses
2017/01/13 14:25
Publishers can legally use software to detect if an online reader is using an adblocker and can ask them to switch it off,
2017/01/13 14:26
Privacy groups have argued that the detection software is illegal and requires readers’ consent before being enabled.
2017/01/13 14:27