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Summary | 14 Annotations
large, complex, and highly distributed
2020/06/20 12:22
high availability across such a complicated system
2020/06/20 12:22
2020/06/20 12:22
proactively detect
2020/06/20 12:24
2020/06/20 12:25
alerting mechanisms
2020/06/20 12:25
cohesive set of tools
2020/06/20 12:27
detect, diagnose, and resolve problems
2020/06/20 12:29
Operational insight
2020/06/20 12:30
Event Stream Processing
2020/06/20 12:32
ad hoc dynamic queries on live event streams
2020/06/20 12:32
Scaling Challenge
2020/06/20 12:34
fine-grained context
2020/06/20 12:35
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
2020/06/20 12:36