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Daily chart: The world’s most dangerous cities

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Summary | 5 Annotations
According to data from the Igarapé Institute, a Brazilian think-tank, 43 of the 50 most murderous cities in the world last year, and eight of the top ten countries, are in Latin America and the Caribbean.
2017/04/23 11:24
In both 2015 and 2016, El Salvador was the world′s most violent country,
2017/04/23 11:24
Acapulco, a beach resort on Mexico′s Pacific coast, recorded 108 homicides per 100,000 people last year, placing it second behind San Salvador.
2017/04/23 11:25
The middle of the list is dominated by Brazil
2017/04/23 11:25
In America, the only rich country on this list, a spike in homicides has propelled two more cities, Detroit and New Orleans, to join St Louis and Baltimore, which also figured on last year′s list.
2017/04/23 11:26