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Project Structure

├── build/                      # webpack config files
│   └── ...
├── config/
│   ├── index.js                # main project config
│   └── ...
├── src/
│   ├── main.js                 # app entry file
│   ├── App.vue                 # main app component
│   ├── components/             # ui components
│   │   └── ...
│   └── assets/                 # module assets (processed by webpack)
│       └── ...
├── static/                     # pure static assets (directly copied)
├── test/
│   └── unit/                   # unit tests
│   │   ├── specs/              # test spec files
│   │   ├── eslintrc            # config file for eslint with extra settings only for unit tests
│   │   ├── index.js            # test build entry file
│   │   ├── jest.conf.js        # Config file when using Jest for unit tests
│   │   └── karma.conf.js       # test runner config file when using Karma for unit tests
│   │   ├── setup.js            # file that runs before Jest runs your unit tests
│   └── e2e/                    # e2e tests
│   │   ├── specs/              # test spec files
│   │   ├── custom-assertions/  # custom assertions for e2e tests
│   │   ├── runner.js           # test runner script
│   │   └── nightwatch.conf.js  # test runner config file
├── .babelrc                    # babel config
├── .editorconfig               # indentation, spaces/tabs and similar settings for your editor
├── .eslintrc.js                # eslint config
├── .eslintignore               # eslint ignore rules
├── .gitignore                  # sensible defaults for gitignore
├── .postcssrc.js               # postcss config
├── index.html                  # index.html template
├── package.json                # build scripts and dependencies
└── README.md                   # Default README file


This directory holds the actual configurations for both the development server and the production webpack build. Normally you don't need to touch these files unless you want to customize Webpack loaders, in which case you should probably look at build/webpack.base.conf.js.


This is the main configuration file that exposes some of the most common configuration options for the build setup. See API Proxying During Development and Integrating with Backend Framework for more details.


This is where most of your application code will live in. How to structure everything inside this directory is largely up to you; if you are using Vuex, you can consult the recommendations for Vuex applications.


This directory is an escape hatch for static assets that you do not want to process with Webpack. They will be directly copied into the same directory where webpack-built assets are generated.

See Handling Static Assets for more details.


Contains unit test related files. See Unit Testing for more details.


Contains e2e test related files. See End-to-end Testing for more details.


This is the template index.html for our single page application. During development and builds, Webpack will generate assets, and the URLs for those generated assets will be automatically injected into this template to render the final HTML.


The NPM package meta file that contains all the build dependencies and build commands.

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Summary | 3 Annotations
main.js # app entry file
2020/06/02 08:10
App.vue # main app component
2020/06/02 08:11
index.html # index.html template
2020/06/02 08:11