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cgroup v2

runc supports cgroup v2 (unified mode) experimentally since v1.0.0-rc91.

To use cgroup v2, you might need to change the configuration of the host init system. Fedora (>= 31) uses cgroup v2 by default and no extra configuration is required. On other systemd-based distros, cgroup v2 can be enabled by adding systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=1 to the kernel cmdline.

Am I using cgroup v2?

Yes if /sys/fs/cgroup/cgroup.controllers is present.

Host Requirements


  • Recommended version: 5.2 or later
  • Minimum version: 4.15

Kernel older than 5.2 is not recommended due to lack of freezer.

Notably, kernel older than 4.15 MUST NOT be used (unless you are running containers with user namespaces), as it lacks support for controlling permissions of devices.


On cgroup v2 hosts, it is highly recommended to run runc with the systemd cgroup driver (runc --systemd-cgroup), though not mandatory.

The recommended systemd version is 244 or later. Older systemd does not support delegation of cpuset controller.


On cgroup v2 hosts, rootless runc can talk to systemd to get cgroup permissions to be delegated.

$ runc spec --rootless
$ jq '.linux.cgroupsPath="user.slice:runc:foo"' config.json | sponge config.json
$ runc --systemd-cgroup run foo

The container processes are executed in a cgroup like /user.slice/user-$(id -u).slice/user@$(id -u).service/user.slice/runc-foo.scope.

Configuring delegation

Typically, only memory and pids controllers are delegated to non-root users by default.

$ cat /sys/fs/cgroup/user.slice/user-$(id -u).slice/user@$(id -u).service/cgroup.controllers
memory pids

To allow delegation of other controllers, you need to change the systemd configuration as follows:

# mkdir -p /etc/systemd/system/user@.service.d
# cat > /etc/systemd/system/user@.service.d/delegate.conf << EOF
Delegate=cpu cpuset io memory pids
# systemctl daemon-reload
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