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Do you have students who threaten to hurt themselves or others when they're super upset? Kids who say things like "I want to die" or "I'll hurt you" due to overwhelming emotions, not actual suicidal ideation or desire to harm others? "Sam's Super Strong Feelings" is a social narrative that teaches s
Teach students how to express their emotions in a healthy way with these Inside & Out of Emotions lesson plans. This skills-based health education bundle comes with three lessons designed to help students develop vital life skills and strengthen their emotional intelligence. PREVIEW THIS RESOURC
This elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson introduces students to the magical formula, or emotion potion, for sharing their feelings with others. Students practice stating their feelings, describing the scenario, and asking for what they would prefer to happen next time. Includes a
Emotion Recognition Lessons: This 4-lesson set includes classroom guidance lessons on understanding what emotions are and what they tell us, recognizing physical experiences of emotions, expressing emotions, and understanding levels of emotions. After participating in these lessons, students will ha
Emotion Picture Cards - Includes the following emotions: angry, disgusted, surprised, sad, happy, fearful, joyful, calm, concerned, shy, disappointed, bored, embarrassed, silly, confused, proud, jealous, grumpy, and frustrated. All of the pictures are of children.Includes:title card19 picture cardsC
These activities help students practice social-emotional learning skills and give them strategies for responding to all kinds of emotions. This bundle includes five RULER units: Recognizing Emotions: Teaching the SkillIncludes a full-color anchor chart. Each unit in this series includes an anchor ch
In this expressing emotions school counseling classroom guidance lesson, students learn a 4-step process for sharing their feelings with others. In a cooperative activity, students will work together to practice recognizing body clues, naming emotions, stating feelings, and sharing the situation. Th
This activity includes 81 game cards and has been created to target listening skills and identifying/expressing emotions. Head over to my blog @ for more details and pictures!! Included: Game board Emotion “choice” board Numbered emotion board 2 Sets of number cards: 1 to 1
This feelings journal helps children to practice identifying feelings and expressing feelings.  They get to use expressive techniques such as journaling, drawing, and coloring to explore feelings. This resource is great for parents, teachers, and counselors! Resource includes: *Feelings Coloring
Finally there are activities to help ASL students practice facial expressions and emotions. We all know that students have a very difficult time using accurate facial expressions while creating a sign. These six activities will help improve your students understanding of the importance of expression
This is Now Part of My Emotions Bundle!!! This activity is perfect for small groups or individual lessons with students who need a little extra help understanding their emotions. This Tab Activity Book makes discussing and expressing emotions fun and interactive! Included: One Tab Activity Book w
This activity packet is great for students who have difficulty recognizing feelings and emotions in themselves and others. Older children and teens will enjoy learning about emotions because the pictures are more realistic and appealing to this age group. The cards can be used in several ways. I hav
BONUS! There’s a TpT Digital Activity Included
  • Create interactive elements
  • Students complete online
  • No printing necessary
This is a 35 page booklet of various types of handouts and worksheets that can be used to practice conjugating and using the present subjunctive in the context of expressing feelings and emotions. Pages 3-6 are handouts that group subjunctive triggers according to emotion. Pages 7-10 are handouts
When children “stuff” their emotions; they end up expressing their emotions in unhealthy ways. This holiday themed activity will teach children the importance of talking about emotions instead of keeping them “stuffed” inside of them. This activity includes 12 different emotion stockings in 4 differ
BONUS! There’s a TpT Digital Activity Included
  • Create interactive elements
  • Students complete online
  • No printing necessary
Have you ever had students whose social language skills weren’t quite right, but you couldn’t exactly put your finger on what was wrong? Did you notice that when you asked them questions, they could give you the right answer, but when it came time to use these skills in the real world, they couldn't
26 pages of interactive literacy activities to help young learners practice dealing with emotions. - 4 days of lesson plans - Book recommendations - Writing activities - Cut and Paste - Mini Book - Poem
This is a great activity to use with younger students to practice using "I" statements to express their feelings. Students will write about a time they were upset or hurt and how they can use "I" statements to address their problem. Clipart provided by
I often have a student who pretty much seems to default to mean words when they develop strong feelings. This never does anything but make the situation worse. I like to teach my kids that the feelings are ok, but own them! Tell someone how you feel rather than to say something that doesn’t eve
These cards will help students who have a difficult time verbalizing their feelings and advocating for themselves. These cute and simple cards can be used in a variety of different ways. 1) Can be turned into a coping skills key ring. Students can easily flip through the cards and identify feeling
IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH!! ****** EN INGLES Y ESPANOL!!This is a FREE 18 page printable story about our "New Normal", living with the effects of Corona Virus (Covid19). World wide we have all been effected by this pandemic in some way, and adults and children have had their live's changed. This story
This is a basic "grab and go" classroom guidance lesson on Expressing Your Feelings to add to your School Counseling program or to use in the regular classroom. Included in this packet: ∴ Lesson Plan (with materials, introduction, activity, and discussion/closing) ∴ Discussion Starter Cards ∴ A S
Use these visuals to teach your students to spot the non-verbal body language cues that indicate when others are feeling: disappointed , bored , embarrassed  and annoyed .These colorful companions are suitable for children of all ages. They are "fill-in-the-blank" style. And, there is a boy and girl
Idioms are a fun and unique way to express a thought, feeling, or idea. This packet will teach students 30 different idioms that relate to feelings and emotions. The purpose of this activity is to further enhance their feelings vocabulary (improves both empathy and language expression) while introdu
Stress and intonation can change the meaning of sentences. Listen to some short conversations and try to decide how the sentences change when you say them differently.

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