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Summary | 29 Annotations
adoption of microservices and containerized apps
2020/06/29 06:26
the fundamental abstraction at which monitoring works
2020/06/29 06:33
network interactions
2020/06/29 06:34
User-space remote PCAP
2020/06/29 06:34
2020/06/29 06:35
metrics retention
2020/06/29 06:35
low-latency ad-hoc querying
2020/06/29 06:36
continuous queries
2020/06/29 06:37
periodic cron job
2020/06/29 06:37
ad-hoc queries to detect anomalies
2020/06/29 06:37
alert on SLA violations
2020/06/29 06:37
render advanced visualizations
2020/06/29 06:37
underlying real-time
2020/06/29 06:38
historical metrics
2020/06/29 06:38
Service Topology Abstraction
2020/06/29 06:39
alert fatigue
2020/06/29 06:40
fault correlation and locating hotspots is hard without understanding service-level dependencies
2020/06/29 06:40
2020/06/29 06:42
new “pets”
2020/06/29 06:42
evolve from being instance-centric to service-centric
2020/06/29 06:43
service interaction analytics
2020/06/29 06:43
service topology view is the right abstraction to visualize the complex control flow (and detect hotspots) in microservices.
2020/06/29 06:44
performance drifts
2020/06/29 06:45
SLA violations
2020/06/29 06:46
organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations
2020/06/29 06:54
compute bound or disk I/O bound.
2020/06/29 07:01
challenge is to understand performance of a large number of “mice” interactions
2020/06/29 07:02
tens of thousands of service interactions per second
2020/06/29 07:04
per-second rolled-up time-series
2020/06/29 07:04