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Summary | 9 Annotations
Tech companies just found out about Juneteenth, and this is what they’re doing
2020/06/19 00:26
, many tech companies have announced plans to make Juneteenth an official holiday for employees or recognize the day in some other way. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and Twitter, was the first major tech CEO to announce that Juneteenth would be a paid holiday for employees. Since then, companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Uber and Lyft have announced their own respective plans to commemorate the day.
2020/06/19 00:27
Other plans by companies include encouraging employees to use the day as a time to learn about racial injustice or to officially commemorate the day on Google Calendar. It’s worth noting that Apple added Juneteenth to its iOS calendar back in 2018. 
2020/06/19 00:27
Sure, had these companies not gone public with their respective Juneteenth plans, it’s possible other companies would not have followed suit.
2020/06/19 00:29
making statements about standing with the Black community and donating money, companies need to ensure they take more than just actions to combat racism in tec
2020/06/19 00:31
tech companies need to go beyond one-off actions and form habits around racial justice work.
2020/06/19 00:32
Forming habits around hiring Black people, promoting Black employees, paying Black employees fairly, funding Black founders and making room for Black people in leadership positions is what will lead to concrete change in this industry. 
2020/06/19 00:33
Today, Facebook announced it would spend at least $100 million annually with Black-owned suppliers.
2020/06/19 00:33
“Yes, Juneteenth is just one day, and we have yet to see how the nation will respond to the injustices in the months and years to come
2020/06/19 00:33