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These print and go, no-prep worksheets are perfect for increasing skills in comprehending and understanding narratives in speech therapy sessions!These printables teach several language-based reading comprehension strategies including previewing the text for important information prior to reading, a
Not only is this resource no prep, but it is also able to be used for more than just articulation practice! A long list of sounds are targeted by the stories in this product, and there are a wealth of skills and concepts targeted, such as summarizing, sequencing, WH- questions, and more!************
Winter Receptive Language is 45 pages of receptive language activities for speech and language therapy intervention.Penguins: Answering WH Questions78 Question Cards, 6 special cards, 4 cue cards. Students play the game by drawing the penguin cards. Each contains an question. The student needs to an
Are your administrators asking you about your objectives? Are your students wondering why they come to speech and language therapy? Ask no more! These objective binder pages outline generic speech and language therapy objectives for your sessions. They are meant to be very generic to not violate pr
Learning how to find the main idea can be hard and learning to summarizing can be down right daunting to kids! This packet has students use a color coding technique to identify the main idea and then learn to construct summaries!There are 10 non-fiction passages on the following topics:- The Human S
This resource contains 43 unique visuals for a wide variety of language skills and strategies including vocabulary and grammar. They're all black and white for easy printing on either colored or plain printer paper. There is a visual card included for each of the following skills/strategies:Language
Use this packet to probe and collect baseline data for receptive and expressive language skills. The packet can be used for RtI, IEPs, and progress monitoring. Many skills in this packet also align with the Common Core State Standards.*****************************************************************
This is not your typical alphabet set! This is a speech sound alphabet. Each sound has a name and a visal that will help students remember how/where the sound is made. There are two different options included with target word list for each sound. Word lists are organized into initial, medial and fin
The Christmas Receptive Language Packet is 44 pages in length. It features the following learning objectives: answering WH questions, following directionsUgly Christmas Sweaters: Answering WH Questions: 78 questions cards, 6 special cards, 4 cue cards. Answer WH questions correctly, and keep your c
Encourage your students to dig deep and practice verbally expressing and writing summaries using nonfiction texts with this print-and-go pack! The Lexile levels used span 760-1120, and the reading levels span S-Z. ***************************************************************************What awes
Do you have middle and high school students with reading comprehension and vocabulary goals? Do they struggle with higher level thinking questions? Are motivation and attention issues a challenge? If you are looking for NO PREP close reading activities then this is the package you have been looki
**This is a ZIP file. Please make sure you have the proper software and that it is up to date prior to purchase/download**This bundle contains both my Language Rubrics and Social Language and Pragmatic RubricsAs students progressive with developing their skills it can become harder and harder determ
UPDATED: 7/20/2014 Now includes kid friendly language on an expanded cartoon, new click-able links for references, updated pages, voice journal, and more. Targets: Voice Therapy Techniques, specific to vocal nodules (Yawn-Sigh, Resonant Voice Therapy). Others are mentioned as well! Ages: 4+ Inc
I am so excited about this SOCIAL SKILLS activity!!! I have been working long and hard on this one. This activity is similar to the TV/GAME show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. For more information and pictures regarding this activity PLEASE visit my BLOG @ It targets Social
This pack contains TONS of graphic organizers for skill such as vocabulary, auditory comprehension, sequencing, and more! This pack is a great tool for SLPs to teach these skills, but it can also be used in the classroom, ESL, or with reading specialists. Activities to teach how to use these graphic
Are you looking for more interesting nonfiction texts to keep your students engaged? These no prep, leveled nonfiction passages make comprehension and vocabulary instruction exciting through the use of optical illusions!This highly engaging resource is differentiated and has been written at two diff
This production is perfect for targeting multiple skills in your mixed language groups! It contains 6 nonfiction passages about winter activities, each with 3 different pages of focus: answering comprehension questions, vocabulary concepts, and main idea & details. Because the passages are t
Language Loaded Short Stories! I'm so excited to offer you my most comprehensive product I have created so far! It targets so many skills! This product includes 20 original stories of varying length and complexity that range from 3rd-7th grade level appropriateness, but really depends on your studen
Easily target non-fiction comprehension with these printables! They are perfect for teaching and practicing several language-based reading comprehension strategies including previewing the text for important information prior to reading, answering comprehension questions, identifying the main idea (
SLPs, this comprehensive 52 page packet has everything you need to quickly progress monitor the most common language goals for your 2nd through 8th grade students! (This may be suitable for older students as well, depending upon ability level.)For a 20% discount on this product, please check out my
Who isn't hooked on their smart phones these days? Our students are communicating with text messages now more than ever! Let's use it to our advantage! I created this product to bring a high interest, relevant and real-world language activity to my students. These short text message conversations al
Looking for a fun and interesting way to address this challenging language goal? This product will help your students gain a better understanding of main ideas and supporting details. It includes: *a visual aid or analogy for explaining the topic, main idea and supporting details. *12 tables of to
These figurative language posters will look great with any classroom decor. The posters are student friendly and each one has an example with the definition. Also included, are bookmarks with the definition for each word. Students can have these out while they are reading the story as a quick refere
A 1-page matrix to corresponding Common Core standards for grades K-12 in the areas of: Articulation Fluency Grammar Vocabulary Categories Word Relationships Basic Concepts Comprehension, WH questions Main Idea/Details Sequencing/Retell Inferencing Multistep directions Clarifying Questions Problem
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Language Loaded Short Stories- No Prep, No Print!!!
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