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Summary | 7 Annotations
the lone monkey looks like the last surviving sailor clinging to the mast of a sinking ship
2018/05/16 07:36
the animal as the proboscis monkey -- an endangered species of which there's only about 7,000 left in the wild.
2018/05/16 07:36
we have witnessed the tragedy of Borneo and Sabah from a heart-wrenchingly close proximity.
2018/05/16 07:37
massive deforestation since the 1960s under the timber and palm oil industries has drastically reduced native jungle to such an extent the primary rainforest is now threatened.
2018/05/16 07:37
Palm oil plantations are expected to encroach even further on what little habitat there is left for many critically endangered species and experts believe many more species will soon be extinct in the wild.
2018/05/16 07:37
I learn that poachers often don't kill the animals before beginning the gruesome task of hacking off their tusks. Nor do they do so afterwards -- the elephants are instead left to die slow and painful deaths.
2018/05/16 07:38
pygmy elephants are often killed by angry plantation owners after the animals have strayed from protected reserves into the palm oil plantations or crops that eclipse enormous areas which used to be part of their habitat, to eat the valuable fruit the palm oil is harvested from.
2018/05/16 07:39