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Summary | 23 Annotations
It is easy to question everything designed before you when you join a new company
2019/04/21 08:28
My hope is that after reading this, you’ll realize your own interest and appreciation for the design choices in your company or industry
2019/04/21 08:40
In the meantime, here’s a brief history of design at Microsoft.
2019/04/21 08:40
A simple time for a simple machine. Graphic design wasn’t a consideration until the arrival of the graphical user interface (GUI), which introduced the mouse as a new way to interact with the OS
2019/04/21 08:41
In 1987
2019/04/21 08:44
 it was time for design to have a seat at the table
2019/04/21 08:45
Meanwhile, typography technology improved and started to push us out of the bitmap era
2019/04/21 08:46
As design efforts took shape in Microsoft’s software, it also started to creep into our hardware
2019/04/21 08:47
The Windows 95 launch was our apex. It was the most heavily user tested product in Microsoft history
2019/04/21 08:48
The design of Windows continued to evolve, but some of the core design problems in the operating system hadn’t yet been solved
2019/04/21 08:49
Design was focused on what looks good, but wasn’t necessarily answering the question of why we design — the thoughtfulness of actual user interaction
2019/04/21 08:50
in 1992
2019/04/21 08:52
teams simplified the visual design and brought motion designers and design integrators into the fold to help create a more cohesive experience focused on content.
2019/04/21 08:52
Design’s influence could only go so far and hadn’t yet breached the seams. To achieve that, we needed a significant culture change.
2019/04/21 08:52
A shift in culture for Microsoft
2019/04/21 08:52
In 2006, Windows Vista introduced Segoe UI typeface, reducing our typography set to one.
2019/04/21 08:54
designers focus more on user feedback, and urged designers to learn fast and often from the people who were using our products.
2019/04/21 08:54
Segoe UI was born out of insights in user research and proved to be more efficient on system performance
2019/04/21 08:54
This new era influenced a movement toward simplified and intentional design, often referred to as flat design, which became even more apparent in the release of Windows 7 in 2009.
2019/04/21 08:55
New Era of Microsoft Design
2019/04/21 08:59
Windows 7 ushered in a new era of design at Microsoft, characterized by the need to embrace natural inputs like touch as well as scaling to more screen sizes
2019/04/21 09:00
For Windows 10, programs like the Windows Insider Program helped keep a clear and consistent feedback channel allowing us to respond much more quickly to feedback.
2019/04/21 09:02
Windows 10 is our most successful operating system to date, and I credit our focus on customers — from our entrepreneurial roots of A PC on every desk to our current mission of empowering every person and organization on the planet to achieve more
2019/04/21 09:03