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Summary | 15 Annotations
As the brand celebrates a century of history, it also works to establish a commanding presence in the 21st century
2019/04/28 02:56
Mary Kay’s six-step strategy for forging ahead.
2019/04/28 02:43
Mary Kay CMO Sheryl Adkins-Green
2019/04/28 02:56
laid out Mary Kay’s six-step strategy for forging ahead.
2019/04/28 02:56
We resolve situations by asking ‘What would Mary Kay do?
2019/04/28 02:59
Mary Kay does not hire celebrities to promote its products. Why? “Even the best celebrity can have a bad day
2019/04/28 03:05
meaning anyone famous can encounter a scandal
2019/04/28 02:54
Instead, the company considers its frontline independent sales force
2019/04/28 03:07
2019/04/28 03:13
market research showed millennials and Gen Z have a particularly tough time grasping the concept
2019/04/28 03:02
Mary Kay repackaged the direct selling concept into a be-your-own-boss model of entrepreneurship to appeal to future independent beauty consultants.
2019/04/28 03:14
talking about the beauty of confidence
2019/04/28 03:16
Innovation is afoot behind the scenes at Mary
2019/04/28 03:07
Innovation is afoot behind the scenes at Mary Kay
2019/04/28 03:19
Mirror Me” app that used augmented reality tech to show consumers what their faces would look like with different types of Mary Kay cosmetics applied.
2019/04/28 03:19