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Toronto Blue Jays player accused of skipping on rent pays up

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Summary | 7 Annotations
First base coach Mark Budzinski is still locked in a dispute with his landlord, Derrick Thomas.
2020/07/13 17:08
Coach still not paying his rent
2020/07/13 17:08
Ryan 'Rowdy' Tellez settles dispute, pays Toronto landlord $16,400
2020/07/13 17:08
paid his landlord $16,400 to cover his rent payments through the end of September, when the lease on a two-bedroom downtown Toronto condo is set to expire.
2020/07/13 17:09
signing a lease back in January. During the time he was refusing to pay, Tellez argued through his Florida-based lawyer that because COVID-19 had suspended the baseball season and he was stuck living in the U.S., he shouldn't have to pay rent in Toronto.  
2020/07/13 17:10
$3,100 a month rent for a condo
2020/07/13 17:11
Budzinski is currently taking Thomas to Ontario's Landlord and Tenant Board, which handles rental disputes. He wants the $9,300 he's paid in rent so far returned, and the remainder of the six-month lease terminated. Budzinski has argued he was unable to use the condo due to border restrictions and the fact the baseball season was on hold.
2020/07/13 17:11